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Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
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Skmtechnosolz offers some of the best Robotic Process Automation courses in Bangalore. We have 4 centres at prominent locations in the city and offer complete robotic process automation training. Our trainings are aimed at making you a skilled automation professional in 3 months. Contact us to know more.

RPA courses in Bangalore by Skmtechnosolz has the best teaching faculty in the city. Industry professionals and subject matter experts teach you the in and out of RPA tools. With the unique practical approach to training Skmtechnosolz provides you both real-life training experience in live projects and industry recognised certification in the RPA tools.

Why is Skmtechnosolz the Best Choice For RPA Courses in Bangalore. Skmtechnosolz is one of the best RPA training institutes in Bangalore. We offer complete and comprehensive training for all our students. Our training methodology is based on the best pedagogy practices. We train our students in live projects and make them industry ready from day one. We are proud to say that all our students have successfully shifted their career and are earning at least 25% more than what they were earning before our RPA courses in Bangalore. Our RPA courses are conducted in 4 important and prime locations in Bangalore. Check them out. Book your demo class now.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your demo class today and learn RPA in any of our following centres. Marathahalli, Indira Nagar, BTM Layout, OMBR Layout.

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What Is Robotic Process Automation(RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation is the way of utilising programmable bots to do mundane and highly repetitive tasks that follows the same set of principles and rules. This enables organisations to do the work in a more efficient way. Further, it takes the monotonous work out of the hands of the humans. This helps organisations to employ people in works that are both challenging and fun for employees. In this process, software bots are programmed to perform a set of tasks that needs very little or zero intervention from the humans. The main kinds of works that are performed by robotic process automation are

  • Data entry
  • Content verification
  • Filling up the forms
  • Extracting important information from existing files and databases.
  • Extracting data from online
  • Testing of programs, software, apps, etc.

The above mentioned processes are but only a few examples of what robotic process automation can do.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is bringing in new job opportunities in many multi-national companies. Even as it reduces the need of humans in large organisations to do the routine and monotonous works, it is creating new jobs in the automation. Robotic Process Automation courses in Bangalore helps you to get high paying jobs in a upcoming and rapidly growing field of automation. Already, the business world is getting ready for the fourth industrial revolution. Automation and artificial intelligence have started revolutionising the technological landscape and it is producing massive changes to the way business processes are performed. It is high time that you prepare for the next global phenomenon. Get trained and certified in RPA tools in Bangalore.

RPA Tools That You Will Learn:

Robotic Process Automation can be done by a myriad number of RPA tools but the most commonly used ‘big three’ in the field of Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UI Path.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a thought leader in the field of automation and it provides excellent solution for those who have basic programming skills.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a widely used RPA tool that has an easier user interface. It requires very minimal programming knowledge.

Ui Path

Ui Path is the easiest of the three as it provides quick and easy visual programming of software bots. You will be thoroughly trained in all the three RPA tools. Moreover, all the theoretical teachings will be backed by quick and prompt follow-up in live projects. This reinforces the theory that was taught and helps you to gain the experience in an easier way.

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  • Most comprehensive resource library
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The only Robotic Process Automation training program
where you get in-depth knowledge of all the modules of Robotic Process Automation

You should care about RPA because It's only one of the fastest growing sectors of the operational technology industry. It is real, it is expanding and it can increase your company’s efficiency, All the corporate company is moving towards Automation and productivity leading to benefits,that reach directly to the bottom line.Great productivity is Great money to MNC We think any technology investment that delivers the immediate benefits that RPA can, is worth understanding better.

RPA is in wide use among large corporations, service providers in particular. TCS, Infy and Wipro for example, utilizes RPA to automate many of its core business functions, and credits the technology with a several-hundred-thousand-dollar annual savings.RPA means money saving for MNC. There are a few reasons many of us in the midmarket haven’t heard much about RPA. First, it is still a relatively new technology that is still maturing and hasn’t yet reached its height curve, But that's is wrong. RPA is matured in Time its not old anymore Given its relative newness, and its initial traction among large corporations, there’s a trickle-down effect that’s just beginning to flow.

RPA is ideally suited for tasks involving transactional data from a variety of sources.But Blue Prism and Automation anywhere have crossed the limits, they are used in all field from Banking to Hospitality. Some examples of its current application include: Invoice processing, accounts payable, travel and expenses, claims processing, payroll input and change of (address, address, name, etc.). It is estimated that up to 45 percent of the activities companies pay people to perform can be automated through RPA.

Yes. Big yes RPA blue prism and automation anywhere doesn't have coding at all, it's completely zero coding So you don't have to worry about that all of a sudden from non-coding to the coding field it is very clear it doesn't have

The Robotic Process Automation courses of Skmtechnosolz is a three month long programme. You will learn all the necessary theory for coding and programming apart from acquiring the necessary practical knowledge during this time.

Skmtechnosolz is a leading RPA training institute in Bangalore. We maintain our superiority by ensuring that our courses and facilities are better than other RPA training institutes in Bangalore. Our strength lies in our.

  • Strong & balanced curriculum
  • Experienced faculty
  • Experts as mentors
  • Small batches
  • Professional certification
  • Internship opportunities
  • Life-long placement support